The Bible is an exciting book! Many young people in Ireland are learning from it. The Bible is different from any other book in the world, because it is God’s Word and what it says is for us today.

When your registration form has been signed by your parent/guardian and is received in the NBSC office, the first Bible lesson will be issued. Depending on your age, the study will either be a Primary, Junior, Intermediate, or Senior lesson. When a student returns his/her first lesson, a study leader is assigned and the completed lesson will be sent to the assigned study leader for marking.

Mid-month, completed studies are sent to the study leaders for marking. These are marked and returned to the office before the end of the month. A new lesson will be sent each month provided you return the previous month’s study for marking. These new studies are sent to you on the first working day of each month along with your marked lessons that have been received back from the study leader. We will remind you for two months about your unreturned studies. After that, you will need to re-join the club to start where you left off.

Primary Lesson
Junior Lesson
Intermediate Lesson
Senior Lesson

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CertificateOnce you are enrolled and have completed your first Bible lesson, then you can become a ‘Book Worm’ and borrow books from the Lending Library. You can also take part in any of the club competitions and receive the club magazine, Crossroads.

There is an award system when a club member has completed 10 lessons, a certificate will be awarded. Students, who introduce 2 or more friends to the club, will receive a prize, and when the friend completes 5 lessons, another prize is sent to the student who first introduced the new club member.

Kid at ComputerTo start you on your way to becoming a member of the National Bible Study Club, complete the form in the ‘Join the Club’ section. Print the completed form and have your parent/guardian sign the form. Then post it to us at the National Bible Study Club, ‘Glen Maris House, Eaton Wood Grove, Shankill, Dublin, D18 WK27, Ireland. Once we receive your completed and signed registration form, you will automatically become a member of the club and join the 100’s of other club members around the country who are having fun learning from the Bible each month.