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Devotional Books

Do you have a daily quite time of reading your Bible and praying to God?  As a N.B.S.C. member you can sign up to receive a monthly devotional booklet, ‘Daily Bread for Girls & Boys’. These booklets give you a suggested daily Bible reading along with a short related paragraph to encourage you on your spiritual journey.

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The Devotional Book titles are:

Book 1 – God, You Are Enough
Book 2 – Did You Know Jesus is Called the Lovely One?
Book 3 – Lord Jesus, Teach Me How to Pray
Book 4 – I Think the Holy Spirit Is Like a Dove
Book 5 – Jesus Died For Me
Book 6 – God’s Word Is Really Powerful
Book 7 – Don’t Be Sad, God Cares!
Book 8 – Maranatha
Book 9 – Be-attitudes!
Book 10 – Its Sure Hard to Believe You’re a Christian
Book 11 – We’re Finding What God Wants Us to Do
Book 12 – Do You Love Jesus?
Book 13 – Every Day I Want To Show I Love Jesus.
Book 14 – Lord, Help Me To Love Others As Much As I Love Myself.
Book 15 – God’s Family
Book 16 – Living in God’s Family
Book 17 – Friends with God
Book 18 – Talking With God
Book 19 – Wisdom from God
Book 20 – God’s Rules for Me
Book 21 – God’s Plan for Me
Book 22 – My Body, God’s House
Book 23 – Understanding My Family
Book 24 – God’s Ways In Our World

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